• Yourope has produced a new set of Standard Terms (The Yourope Standard Terms) for festivals booking artists and performers for live performances. If you are planning to use these Yourope Standard Terms you need to make sure you refer to them in your booking process (eg have an email footer saying „It is a term of this booking that the YOUROPE STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR ARTISTE AND PERFORMER ENGAGEMENT AT FESTIVALS 2016 will apply to all bookings made for our Festival, subject to any agreed exceptions which we have agreed with you in writing and which are unless expressly stated in the contract of engagement between you and us“) and also you must ensure the Yourope Standard Terms are incorporated into any agreement you sign.

    Please note Yourope have agreed terms with William Morris Endeavour (WME) and Creative Artist Agency (CAA) for 2017. Please ensure you let WME and CAA know that you are using the agreed WME-Yourope terms when negotiating a booking. If you need these versions, please get back to me yourope@yourope.org as the version is different to the one available for download here.

    Yourope have also produced a simple booking contract (The Yourope Agreement) which we would suggest you use for domestic artistes who do not have an agent, or with emerging talent.

    Yourope members can request an advice note (The Yourope Advisory) to accompany these two documents. Please email yourope@yourope.org to request a copy of the Yourope Advisory and to advise Yourope if you are intending to use the agreed WME-Yourope terms.

    Download Standard Terms
    Download Agreement

    *These Standard Terms are for guidance only and should not be interpreted as direct advice and should not be acted upon in such a manner. Users are advised to consult directly with a lawyer or other legal professional fully experienced in the law and the live music industry. These web pages and the contents thereon do not constitute legal advice. These pages do not constitute, nor do they create, an attorney-client relationship. Under no circumstances shall Yourope be held liable for any damages or losses whatsoever, whether in contract, tort or any other reason, from the use of, or dependence on the Standard Terms and/or the booking contract or from the general use of these materials and/or other information on this website.

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