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1. Health & Safety
Yourope educates and informs its members with seminars, workshops and panels. There is also special section on the homepage which contains contacts, examples of best practice, information about legislation and recommended suppliers. Yourope tries to raise the standards in Health & Safety in the festival business.

2. Environmental Protection
Yourope launched a webtool Green’n’Clean which give its members costumed advice in “greener” their event. Since March 2008, we also launched the Green’n’Clean Award which distinguishes environment-friendly festivals. This initiative guarantees that measures to save energy and protect our natural resources are implemented and openly communicated.

3. European Solutions for Artist Taxes / PRS / Decibel / etc.
In every European country, the laws, regulations, taxes etc. are different. The goal of Yourope is to find European solutions. The goal is that other groups, with a broad representation within the live music and event industry, should be formed with at least one member of Yourope in it to work on European solutions regarding PRS, Decibel limits, etc.

4. Communication
Internal communication:
One basic goal of Yourope is that the communication between the members should be raised. The discussions about booking, regulations, new inventions, environmental solutions are very useful. The instruments for internal communication are:
  • member meetings (at least 1 a year) beside the General Assembly
  • workshop / seminars
  • invitations to special events and festivals
  • e-mail / telephone
External communication:
The name of "Yourope - The European Festival Association” should be promoted in whole Europe by:
  • internet
  • releasing media reports to the European and nationwide/local press (by every member)
  • presence of Yourope logo on all members posters, flyers, magazines, etc.
  • release of a yearely brochure with the presentation of all members
  • presence at 2 exhibitions or congresses per year with a panel or forum
5. Support from the EU Commission
Yourope should gain influence at the European commission. The goal is to realise projects to support festivals and artists within Europe (for example

6. Build YOUROPE to a Recognized Organization
To build Yourope to a recognised organisation who represents the European festival scene and has a strong financial structure, the goal is to find more members in all European countries. Also, the organisation should find sponsors who support the organisation financially or with services.


Yourope presents the 2nd European Festival Conference. A gathering and summit of festival promoters in a unique conference format related to all the festival topics.
Two full days of seminars and workshops in an outstanding and intimate conference and wellness hotel in the south of Norway.
Let’s meet, exchange, experience and learn!

Yourope has produced a new set of Standard Terms (The Yourope Standard Terms) for festivals booking artists and performers for live performances in 2016 ...
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